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About the Base Models Reference for Figure Drawing

  • More than 150 reference poses
  • 8.5×11 inch page size
  • 324 pages
  • Durable glue-bonded construction
  • Moisture resistant UV coated coverstock
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We’re proud to share that this book has been voted “the most stolen book” from libraries in New York, Pennsylvania, California, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Japan and weirdly – in Paris where fashion art is masterful!

The material in this book reflects the style and method of a book that has long since been lost from the marketplace, but has been scanned and re-scanned, leaving nothing but low quality copies of the original reference material floating around on the Internet. Fusello‘s founder took months to sit and re-create from the original master drawings to redraw the more than 150 figures that comprise this stellar volume, there-by rescuing the classic material that spawned decades of manga and anime artists around the world.

Fusello‘s moisture resistant covers and permanent glue-bonded spline guarantee that students, and teachers, don’t have to fear pages falling out of the notebook – ensuring that for years to come, the reference material is intact and ready to use for learning body figure drawing.

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