Stress Relieving Ugly Sweaters

About the Stress Relieving Ugly Sweaters Coloring book:

– Grey Lined on White paper
– 8.5 x 8.5 inch page size
– 62 Pages
– Durable glue-bonded construction
– Moisture resistant UV coated coverstock

Nothing signals the holiday season like an ugly sweater – it’s become a tradition. Now you can color and design your own – we’ve given you a few blank sweater forms in the back pages to make yourself. Throughout the coloring book you’ll find dozens of sweaters, occasional hats and mittens, even a panda robe! What’s better – you can ugly them up any way you like. Need an office gift that people will be talking about in to the new year? This is the one.

Fusello Coloring Notebooks are glue bonded in the spine, ensuring that even with hours and hours of detailed coloring, the pages will stay intact. Our smooth paper face doesn’t fade or smudge, so your coloring will shine straight through many holidays to come. ¬†The durable cover carries a moisture resistant soft-cover surface, so your notebook can move with you, curve to your book bag and spring back to it’s shape with less chance of a permanent fold, like some other companies cardboard covers do.

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