“Make Things Happen” Expression Journal

About Fusello Journals and Expressions Journals.

– Lined, White paper
– 5.5×8 inch page size
– 200 Pages
– Durable glue-bonded construction
– Moisture resistant UV coated coverstock

Journaling has become a creative standard for expressing one’s self. Journals are personal to the person writing in them and from time to time, they showcase a little of the writer’s personality on the cover. Fusello has long made journals; our Standard line and Expressions covers continue to grow and develop as seasons change and new designs come about. Browse the current catalog to see what journal is right for you.

Fusello Journals are glue bonded in the spine, ensuring that even with months of journaling, the pages will stay intact. Our smooth paper face doesn’t fade, so your writing will stay as crisp as the day you put it on the page.  The durable cover carries a moisture resistant soft-cover surface, so your notebook can move with you, curve to your bag and spring back to it’s shape with less chance of a permanent fold, like some other companies cardboard covers do.

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