USRA Steel Boxcar – Railroad Design Book

About the USRA Steel Boxcar – Railroad Design Book.

– Grey lined drawings on white paper
– 11 x 8.5 inch landscape page size
– 52 Pages featuring 50 model designs
– Durable glue-bonded construction
– Moisture resistant UV coated coverstock

Our Railroad Design Notebooks offer enhanced detail, down to the intimate features of the trains and and railroad equipment in these these images. For railroad enthusiasts, model railroad painters and even kids, these books come as a delight, and make amazing gifts.

Our collection of designs is growing, so check back often to see what books we produce next, and keeop designing! Taking time away from electronic devices to stimulate creativity is a lifelong benefit to both adults and children.

Fusello coloring books are glue bonded in the spine, ensuring that after hours of enjoyment, the pages will stay intact. Our smooth paper face doesn’t fade, so your detailing will stay as crisp as the day you created it.  The durable cover carries a moisture resistant soft-cover surface, so your notebook can move with you, curve to your bag or pocket and spring back to it’s shape with less chance of a permanent fold, like some other companies cardboard covers do.

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My son and I have colored almost the entire book and he asked me for another. It's parenting done right. Thank you. ~ Benny E.