STEM – Student Lab Book – Split Pages With Graph

Fusello STEM Laboratory Notebooks are designed to meet the needs and requests of STEM classroom teachers.

– Unique Classroom Ready Design
– 8.5 x 11 inch page size
– 144 Pages
– Durable glue-bonded construction
– Moisture resistant UV coated coverstock

The STEM Student SPLIT PAGE notebook includes individually numbered pages, laboratory design with the ability to number the pages in each separate process detailed in the notebook, date and sign as required for each process. The entry page allows the student to notate the classroom, teacher and subject of the volume and four Index Pages allow ample space to mark each process recorded.

The GRAPH SPLIT PAGES offer a graph style area on the upper page for drawing or adding images of the project, while the bottom half leaves room for notes and recorded instruction of how the process was completed.

Fusello’s moisture resistant covers and permanent glue-bound spline guarantee that students, and teachers, don’t have to fear pages falling out of the notebook – ensuring that for years to come, the proof of the student’s exploration is proven in print.

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